Microfiche reader is available for everybody’s use. Microfiche collection includes foreign literature on postharvest technology of fruits, vegetables and root crops. These are indexed and filed in the box with corresponding numbers. 


    • General - G00010
    • Fruits - F00011
    • Marketing - M00012
    • Vegetables - V00013
    • Root Crops - R00014

Computer Search

Bibliographic data on postharvest handling and storage of fruits, vegetables, root crops, ornamentals and related fields of interest are provided through computerized retrieval with the following cost. UPLB users will be charged P20.00 per hour (or a fraction thereof) for searching or browsing or browsing and P 1.00 per citation printed while non-UPLB users will be charged P50.00 per hour (or a fraction thereof) for searching or browsing P 5.00 per sheet laser printed colored P10.00 per sheet printed.

Open Access E-Resources

Scientific and scholarly publications in digital form, primarily research articles published in peer-reviewed journal, are available on line, free of charge. 

Use of open-e resources, journals and data bases in acquiring latest article on agriculture and other related fields.