This handheld technology will be used for academic and research purposes only. It shall be used in searching for scientific and educational related literature purposes only and reading pdf e-books on postharvest and other related fields.



    1. Apple Ipad 2 should only be used within the library by registered students, faculty and staff of the University of the Philippines Los Baños within the premises of the PHTRC, i.e. the iPAD cannot be borrowed for home use.

    2. Apple iPad2 can be used for one hour only, unless there is no one else waiting for his turn to use it.

    3. In borrowing the Apple iPad2, users should fill up the following details and leave their IDs at the desk.

                                  Student Number:

                                  Full Name (Surname, First, MI):



                                  Complete Address:

                                  Contact Number:

                                  Email Address:

    1. If damaged during use (dropped, scratched, permeated with water, or any damage caused by accident or by intention). user should PAY THE EQUIVALENT AMOUNT of the Apple iPad2 as per University Library rules.

    2. In case a user needs to download important files, e-books or documents from the Application Store (AppStore), users should seek permission from the Librarian to authorize access.